Pineapple Tarts for CNY visit to senior citizens

Posted on - February 22, 2016 / Author - admin / Category - Pastry

Chinese New Year is the most significant celebration for all Chinese as all family members from far and near, old and young, all come together for feasting and reunion. Since I get married and have own family, I started to appreciate this moment of togetherness. Nevertheless, we shall never forget those unfortunates too.

I always emphasize appreciation to my girl so for this Chinese New Year, I decided to bring her for a visit to the old folks home.

Despite of the last minute plan, I insisted to prepare two most sought after CNY delicacies – bak kwa and pineapple tarts for this visit. With the help of my helper, we spent the first day on bak kwa and pineapple jam then the following day to make the pineapple tarts.

If time permits, it is perfectly fine to cook your jam days or weeks in advance then keep it in an airtight glass jar before you freeze it. For easier handling when rolling it into a ball, wet your hand with boiled water so the jam won’t stick on your hand and results smoother texture.

I choose to make the open face pineapple tarts as this is how it looks like traditionally. To keep the jam be moisture, pre-bake the tart before add on the pineapple jam.

No words can describe the satisfaction I have when I saw the home residents rejoice on the small hamper I brought for them and savouring the cookies. One lady was so touched and told me how my pineapple tarts bring back memories of her baking it during her younger days. Sweet one I supposed.

If you’ve no plan to go back hometown this CNY, do plan now and reunite with those who have been waiting for you.

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