Mother’s Day Special: Three Cups Chicken

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I am a mother and a daughter. My little princess is still very young to understand the true meaning of Mother’s Day but to me, it is a significant day to dedicate my love to a lady who holds a special place in my heart.

Those who know me well would know that my mum is my sister, my girlfriend, my soul mate, my beloved one. Being the youngest in a family of 10 siblings, my mum would always cook my favourite food whenever there is a special occasion, or if I request so. Back in those days, her only source of learning is cook show on RTM or cooking column in local newspapers. That said, it doesn’t stop her from being a good cook who never fail to satisfy our craving. Because of this too, it could very stressful for us to treat her for a meal at a restaurant.

For this Mother’s day, I decided to go oriental featuring some of my mum’s signature dishes. One of the dishes showcased is Three Cups Chicken that takes its name from the equal ratio of sesame oil, rice wine and soy sauce used during preparations.

Although it is just another chicken dish, but its strong flavour of gravy is what everyone love about this dish. To retain the strong flavour of this dish, first cook it on high heat for ten minutes before lower down the heat. Then, when the sauce is reduced by 80-90%, dish out and serve immediately with steamed rice. It goes well with any other dishes served too, which include ginseng soup, steamed fish and stir-fried squid, to name a few.

Frankly speaking, it was a stressful challenge to prepare this feast but hey, my mum gave her thumbs up. Didn’t it pay off all my sweats and worries?

Again, mum, happy mother’s day! I hope you enjoyed the meal I specially prepared for you. Love you to the moon and back.

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