Homemade Ti Kuih

Posted on - February 22, 2016 / Author - admin / Category - Sharing

The modernization and commercialization have changed the way we celebrate Chinese New Year. A very good example is Ti Kuih. Ti Kuih has many names as different dialect may call it differently. It is also famously known as ninko, nian gao, sweet cake, sweet sticky cake, glutinous rice cake or in hokkien – Ti Kuih.

For once I never like this traditional delicacy as the pain of being helper when my grandma busy in the kitchen is just not a good one. It tooks one whole day and we were not allowed to simply say anything, if not we would get scolded if it didn’t turn out to be nice.

Perhaps due to its long preparation hour, this delicacy is no longer a must have like yester years. Majority will just get the ready to eat from market, which comes in different shapes, packaging and even flavor. However, being a conservative Hokkien, I still prefer homemade ti kuih. With the advance techonology that we have today — breadmaker, it does makes the preparation easier.

I never get to have a hands on lesson from my grandma but few years of being her helper in the kitchen did give me some tips on this recipe. I do wish that I get to pass on this recipe to my daughter one day later, hopefully she won’t be fuss like how I used to be.

Just before I sign off, with my homemade ti kuih, here is my wish to everyone for a greater height this Monkey year. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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