About Us

Being the one who grew up in Penang which boasts all types of food, I just simply cannot resist food. Be it exotic hawker food, authentic ethnic cuisine or the elegance fine dining, my curious taste bud will never say no to it.

As much as I love to eat, I never know how to cook at all. It was a huge challenge which I may end up turned the kitchen upside down instead. I also never expect that thing would change one day until I became a mother.

To many people, she is just a little girl. But to me, she is the love of life who change my life completely. Just like many mothers out there, I wanted to give her the best of all. It was not an easy decision to quit my job and become a full time home maker.

Forget about all the paper works, house chores including cooking is now my key responsibility. For someone like me who know nothing about cooking, it was really tough to pick up this new role. I bought lots of cooking, surf the net, watch AFC and even attending classes to improve myself.

Nothing is easy in our life and I do experience failure very often too. I do wanted to give up but my girl inspires me to continue this battle. I wanted her to grow up in good health, which you can see from my recipes that I am using as much natural or organic ingredients as I can.

If you asked me ten or fifteen years back what do I want to achieve in my life, certainly, my answer is to be a well-known lawyer in town. Anyhow, today, I will say seeing my family members savouring the meals I prepared for them is the biggest satisfaction I ever had.

I am not a good cook nor a good writer. Wawa and mum’s oven is started to record down the achievement I have so far as a wife and mother. If you stopped by to get inspired what to cook, I do hope that you’ll find something interesting and cheer up your loved one.